Stressing The Vine

There is an old adage I’ve always found interesting; stressing the vine makes better wine. It’s the idea that if a plant has it too easy (great soil, lots of water), the grape it produces will be less flavorful and rich.  Having it too comfortably means a mediocre result.  While one doesn’t have to be a doctor to know that long term stress is terribly for you, do you think there is some measure of stress that keeps you on your toes?  Pushes you to be your best?  A crunch of time, resources and energy can sometimes produce the most fantastic of results. (Ever seen a busy mom complete 7 tasks in 2 minutes, or the guy at the deli counter handle 4 customers-like a boss- at once?) We like to think this way whenever we are feeling a bit overwhelmed as a small business in a big world.  “Grapely” speaking, although we never met the individual grapes who made their way into the natural grape flavor we use, (in our Grape and Lavender Soft Chews), we think that they too might have been slightly uncomfortable.  Because they are delicious. So if you are feeling a little stressed, know that it’s ok, you might be getting more complex, perhaps even sweeter, everyday.