Nature inspired. with the right Amount of Sweet.

-Small Batch Candy That You Love-

Inspired by the perfect tastes of nature.......

Are you a chewy candy lover looking for a special treat? Sweetcicle's Soft Chews is your answer.  We make delicate, natural confections, by combining the tradition of handcrafted candy, with fresh flavors, for a modern twist.  

Our products are made from simple ingredients (flour, sugar, natural flavorings, corn syrup- yada yada).  Oh, and the corn syrup?  We are partial to the kind you'll find in a baker's pantry, not the scary modified stuff. Phew. 

Sweetcicle's crisp flavors are inspired by nature, and are sweet (but not too sweet).   As a bonus, our Melt-in-your-mouth Soft Chews are 100% plant-based. Sweetcicle's are so tasty you could easily share these little beauties with everyone.  Or not.  You don't always have to share.